Privacy Policy

1. Purpose

  • Ensure that the User understands which of their personal data collect, the reasons why we collect and use them, besides who we share them with;
  • Explain how we use the personal data entered by the User on the Platform to provide you with a unique experience when using the Services;
  • Explain to the User their rights regarding to your personal data collected and processed by us, and how we will protect your privacy.

We hope that this Policy will help the User to understand our privacy commitments.

On the other hand, if the User does not agree with the content of this Policy, we emphasize that you are free to decide whether intends to use or not the Services of the Platform, and may, however, in some cases, choosing not to share certain data optional - which may, in turn, prevent the use of some features of the Services.

2. User Rights and Preferences

The General Data Protection Law ("Law No. 13.709/18" or “LGPD”) confers certain rights on individuals relating to their respective personal data. As provided in the terms of applicable law and unless limited by it, the rights provided to individuals are as follows:

  • Right to confirm the existence of treatment;
  • Right to access data;
  • Right to correct incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • Right to anonymization, blocking or deletion unnecessary, excessive or non-compliant data with the LGPD;
  • Right to delete processed personal data with the consent of the holder, except in cases of custody legal and other provisions in the LGPD;
  • Right to information from public entities and private with which we make shared use of data;
  • Right to information about the possibility of not provide consent and on the consequences of denial;
  • Direct to the revocation of consent, under the terms of the LGPD.

DESCORTY is not responsible for any content inserted by advertising Users on the Platform, nor does it manage of any communication between Users. Yet, DESCORTY may send electronic advertising messages with based on consent or as otherwise permitted by applicable law. to the User. This may, at any time, respectively, withdraw your authorization or declare your refusal, free of charge additional. Electronic advertising messages that the User receives from DESCORTY - for example, those sent by e-mail - include a rejection mechanism within the message itself - for example, a unsubscribe link in the emails we send you.

3. How do we collect the User's personal data?

We collect the Platform User's personal data in the following ways:

  • When the User subscribes to the Platform When the User registers on the Platform, the DESCORTY collects certain personal data such as name, email address, telephone number, so that the User can use any of the Services offered;
  • By using the Platform When the User accesses the Platform, the DESCORTY collects data about your use of the Platform in automatic or semi-automatic;
  • Personal data collected that allow us to provide the User with resources and functionalities additional Eventually, the User may also provide additional personal data, for example to have access to more features or functionality.
  • Through third parties DESCORTY receives personal data about the User and its activity through third parties, including advertisers and partners you work with, to provide you the best Service and offer a more convenient Site to the User. DESCORTY uses these personal data with authorization from the User to the third parties in question, or DESCORTY performs sharing this data to provide the Service to the User.

DESCORTY uses anonymized and aggregated information for purposes which include: testing our IT systems, research, data analysis, create marketing and promotion models, improve DESCORTY Services and develop new features and functionalities on the Platform.

4. Which User's personal data will be collected?

During the use of the Platform, DESCORTY collects various data User's personal data. In the tables below, the DESCORTY informs the groups User's personal data that are collected and processed:

Personal data collected when the User subscribes to the DESCORTY Services:

  • DESCORTY account creation details

    These are the personal data provided by the User to register and use the Platform. Include name, email address and telephone number.

    The above mentioned data is mandatory for the User can create the account on the Platform. The User too you have the option to provide some additional personal data to make it more personalized.

Personal Data collected through the use of the Platform by User:

  • Data on the use of the Platform

    It is the personal data collected about the User when he is using the Platform, which may include:

    • Information about the interactions of the User with Platform, including date and time of the accesses performed, IP address. can also include usage information third-party applications and advertising that receive;
    • Technical data, which may include information of URL, the User's IP address, the types of devices used by it to access the Platform, device attributes, network provider, browser type, language, information that allows management of digital rights, geolocation data, operating system and Platform version.
    • Cookies – "Cookies" are used for track some types of information while the User is visiting the Platform or using the services. Cookies are very files small files placed on the User's computer and allow count the number of visitors to the Platform and distinguish repeat visitors from new visitors. They also allow saving User preferences and track your use of the Platform so we can continue in developing and improving our Services, such as, for example, through proper flow sizing. The User can choose to reject the collection of cookies, changing your browser configuration from Internet. However, in this case, some features of the Platform may no longer function properly.
    • "Web beacons" (also known as "clear gifs" and "pixel tags") are small transparent graphic images that are often used in conjunction with cookies to further personalize the Platform for the User and collect a set limited navigation information. DESCORTY does not link web beacons with any information to determine the real identity of an individual.

  • Personal data collected when the User subscribes to the Services of the DESCORTY Data optional

    In addition to the data that DESCORTY collects to provide the User with the Platform service, the advertiser User also has the option to insert in the Platform, when registering, additional information, so that DESCORTY can provide you features and functionality that will enhance your experience on the Platform. No personal data will be collected below without first obtaining the User's consent:

    • Address
    • Photos
    • Phone
    • Gender
    • Sexual orientation

  • Marketing data

    These personal data are used to allow DESCORTY and its respective partners/service providers send communications of marketing to the Advertiser User:

    • by email,
    • while using the Platform, and/or directly of the third.

5. For what purposes do we use the User's personal data?

In the table below, the DESCORTY explains the reasons why they are treated the User's personal data, the associated legal grounds on which they were based and which legal provisions that allow the treatment of the User's personal data and the groups of personal data used for these purposes:

  • Personal data groups: Account registration data - Service usage data

    Purpose of treatment: To provide, customize and improve the User experience on the Platform, and other services and products provided by DESCORTY, by example, when providing personalized, individualized content or adapted to your location, recommendations, features and advertising inside or outside the Platform, including for third-party products and services.

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Execution of contract
    • Legitimate interest

  • Personal data groups: Account registration data - Platform usage data

    Purpose of treatment: To understand why way the User accesses and uses the Platform, in order to ensure the technical functionality of the Service, develop new products and/or services and analyze usage of the Platform by the User, including their interaction with applications, advertising, products and services that are made available, to which it is established targeting, or that are offered through the Platform.

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Execution of contract
    • Legitimate interest

  • Personal data groups: Usage data of the Platform

    Purpose of treatment: To keep records of access to the Platform for, if any crime or unlawful act on the Platform, we can identify the person responsible, in accordance with the provisions of the Framework Internet Civil

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Compliance with legal obligations

  • Personal data groups: Account registration data - Platform usage data

    Purpose of treatment: For communication with the User for purposes related to the Platform.

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Execution of contract
    • Legitimate interest

  • Personal data groups: Cookies

    Purpose of treatment: Make it simpler user login procedure on your account and allow Platform statistical and performance analysis

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Legitimate interest

  • Personal data groups: Web Beacons

    Purpose of treatment: Allow analysis Platform statistics and performance.

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Legitimate interest

  • Personal data groups: Marketing data

    Purpose of treatment: For communication with the User, directly or through our partners, for their own marketing purposes.

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Legitimate interest

  • Personal data groups: Optional data

    Purpose of treatment: To provide the User features, information, advertising and/or other content based on specific interests of each User, previously authorized.

    Legal basis for the purpose of the treatment:

    • Consent

6. Sharing the User's personal data

DESCORTY defined the groups of recipients of the collected personal data or generated through the use of the Platform by the User.

Personal data that the User may choose to share

The following personal data will only be shared with groups of recipients indicated in the table below if the User:

  • choose to use a specific functionality of the Platform, in which the sharing of personal data is necessary for the correct use of the Platform's functionality; or
  • explicitly authorize sharing of personal data, for example, selecting the appropriate setting in the Platform.

Platform Users

The advertiser User may share the personal data he has provided to the Platform with DESCORTY partners, as authorized provided in your Account Profile.

Ads made on the Platform

By making advertisements on the Platform, the User authorizes DESCORTY to reproduce the respective advertisements in the official accounts of DESCORTY, such as blog and social networks, whether free or driven ads.

Data that DESCORTY may share, regardless of consent

Service Providers

We use technical service providers that operate the infrastructure technique that we need to make the Platform available, in particular, but not limited to, suppliers that store, store, manage and maintain the Platform and its content, as well as payment methods.
We use technical service providers too to help us communicate with the User.


We use partners that perform statistical and navigation analysis to help us understand your use of the Platform and offer better Services. DESCORTY can use external consultants or telephone exchanges to provide user services of advertisers designed to increase the visibility of their ads on the portal.
If the User accesses the Platform through an offer that you have received from third parties, we share personal data with that third party, about your use of the DESCORTY Service, as, by For example, if to what extent you used the offer, you created an account DESCORTY or the Platform was actively used.

Other companies in the DESCORTY group

We will share the User's personal data with other Group companies DESCORTY to carry out our daily activities, and for the purpose of maintaining and making the Platform available to the User.

Law Compliance and Data Protection Authorities

We will share the User's personal data when we believe, in good faith, that is necessary for the fulfillment of an obligation legal, under applicable law, or to respond to a valid legal process, such as a search warrant, a court order or a subpoena.
We will also share the User's personal data if we believe, in good faith, be necessary for our legitimate interest, or that of third parties, in matters of national security, compliance law, litigation, criminal investigation, protection for the safety of any person, or to prevent death or damage imminent physical, as long as we consider that such interest does not prevails over the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the User that require the protection of the User's personal data.

Acquirers of our business

We will share the User's personal data when we sell or trade the sale of our business to a buyer or potential buyer.
In this situation, DESCORTY will continue to ensure confidentiality of the User's personal data and we will notify you before personal data being transferred to the buyer, or being subject to to a different Privacy Policy.

7. Data storage and deletion

DESCORTY retains the personal data of the Users as long as necessary to provide the Services offered through the Platform and for legitimate and essential business purposes, such as to maintain the performance of the Platform, make business decisions about features and data-based offers, fulfilling our obligations legal, and resolve disputes. As a rule, the User's personal data will be stored as long as it remains as a User of the Platform and for the period necessary to meet obligations legal rights and safeguard the interests of the DESCORTY.

Upon User's request, we will delete or anonymize their personal data from so that they do not identify you, unless it is legally permissible or mandatory to keep certain personal data, including situations like the following:

  • If there is an unresolved issue regarding your access or possible purchase of an ad booster, such as an outstanding credit, a claim or a dispute not resolved, we will retain the necessary personal data until the problem is resolved;
  • If we are required to keep personal data for our obligations legal, tax, auditing and accounting, we will retain the necessary personal data for the required period by applicable law;
  • Whenever necessary for our legitimate interests commercials, such as fraud prevention or for maintain the security of our Users.

The data may be stored by DESCORTY in Brazil or abroad, respecting the conditions of the applicable legislation to the processing of personal data.

8. Third party links

DESCORTY may display third-party advertisements and other content with links to third-party email addresses. Not it is possible for us to control, nor to be held responsible for practices of privacy and third-party content. If the User clicks in a third-party ad or link, you should be aware of that will leave the Platform and that any personal data that comes to provide will not be covered by this Policy. The User must read the respective privacy policies to find out how they collect and process your personal data.

9. Security

We are committed to protecting our Users' personal data. We implement technical and organizational measures to help protect the security of the User's personal data, which include the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and/or strong encryption (3DS) technology during credit card transactions and administrative access to site data, as well as other proprietary security measures. applied to all web repositories and information transmission of user. However, it is important that the User has Keep in mind that no system is completely secure.

Password protect the User account and we recommend that the User to use a strong and unique password as well as log out navigation after using the Platform.

10. Children and Adolescents

The Platform is not intended for children and adolescents, that is, individuals with under 18 years of age. Such information is available in the Terms and Conditions of Use.

DESCORTY deliberately does not collect personal data from children and teenagers. If the User is under 18 years of age, do not must use the Platform and not provide any personal data.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Policy from time to time.

When the DESCORTY makes material changes to this Policy, it will provide visible communication and appropriate under the circumstances, such as presenting a visible communication on the Platform or through sending an e-mail to the advertiser User. still, can send, in advance, a communication to the User.

Thus, it is essential that the User be sure to read any communication carefully.